Clogged DrainDo you have a partially clogged sink that’s slow to drain? Many homeowers don’t give their plumbing a second thought when it’s working correctly. Once there is an issue with your kitchen sink water not draining or your shower water rising quickly because of a clog, your every day routine is affected and the time it takes to complete simple tasks increases.

Many homeowners will try to fix the clog themselves, and when that doesn’t help, they often turn to liquid drain cleaners before calling a professional plumber. While advertised to help in these sorts of situations, many homeowners don’t realize how damaging these liquids can be to their pipes.

Consider these reasons before using a liquid drain cleaner:

1.  There’s no guarantee they’ll work

There are numerous variables that can cause a drain to become clogged including issues with the sewer line or a broken pipe, in which a drainer cleaner won’t be able to fix. With these types of issues causes drain clogs, no amount of chemicals will fix the issue and will cause further damage to your pipes.

2. High levels of toxicity

Many drain cleaners, especially off-brand and inexpensive options, have chemicals with high levels of toxicity. These chemicals are harmful when inhaled, can cause irritation to your skin and eyes, and can remain in your pipes long after being used.

3. They cause corrosion

One of the main ingredients in most liquid drain cleaners is hydrocloric acid, a strong mineral acid that causes corrosion and is used in many industrial products. When products containing hydrocloric acid are poured down your drain, it will chew away at the pipes themselves, remove enamel, and ruin the finishes on your kitchen and bathroom’s faucet, drain stopper, and anything else the chemical comes in contact with.

4. Drain cleaners are bad for the environment

Liquid drain cleaners leave behind a residue in pipes and in their containers, ending up in landfills at some point or another. This residue can then enter water, contaminating it, and causing harm to any wildlife living in it or drinking from it.

Next time you experience a clog, put down the liquid drain cleaner and call A+ Plumbing, Heating & Cooling day or night at (603) 518-5777.