Toilets play a pivotal role in our lives but we hardly ever think of them. We just use them and move on with our day. The only time we spend legitimate time thinking about a toilet is when there is something wrong. Toilet clogs happen to all of us. Realizing you have a clogged toilet can cause some anxiety and make you panic, but you can deescalate the situation in most cases on your own. Here are the best ways to treat a clogged toilet so you can get rid of the stress and move on with your day.

Give The Plunger A Shot

Every home should have a plunger available because plungers have been one of the best ways to unclog a toilet for as long as anyone can remember. When using a plunger, always remember to place the plunger gently into the bowl of the toilet. Push the plunger down gently to avoid water splashing back into your face. Having a plunger handy will also help your toilet from overflowing. For sanitation purposes, it is best to wear gloves when using a plunger.


Detergents for clogged toilets are a good alternative when you do not have a plunger readily available. You may have never considered using baking soda and vinegar to help unclog a toilet but it is possible. A cup of baking soda mixed with vinegar will create a chemical reaction in your toilet. Let it mix for several minutes then try flushing your toilet. Hot water and dish soap is another avenue you can try. A mixture of hot water and dish soap will soften the clog and free it up to be flushed again.

Why Did My Toilet Get Clogged?

An excessive amount of toilet paper or non-flushable materials are the most common reasons toilets get clogged. To minimize clogs going forward, be mindful of what you put in your toilet and do not put in large amounts of toilet paper.

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