Merrimack NH

Located in the Hillsborough County of New Hampshire, Merrimack is the 8th largest municipality in New Hampshire  with a population of over 25,000 residents.  Despite its rank for New Hampshire city sizes, Merrimack has not lost its homely New England ambiance. Merrimack was even voted as one of the top 25 places to live in the United States recently by CNN’s Money Magazine.

Merrimack residents are familiar with the unpredictable and harsh weather New England has to offer. In a single day it can go from sun to rain to snow or hail. These kind of conditions can be tough on homes in the area especially older homes with outdated plumbing & heating systems. Unpredictable weather can cause frozen or burst pipes as well as unexpected heating problems and leaks.

Located in nearby Manchester, we are happy to serve home owners and businesses in the town of Merrimack and its four neighborhoods: Merrimack Village, Reed’s Ferry, Thornton’s Ferry and South Merrimack. We offer the best in customer service for heating & cooling installation & emergency service. We are available for residential & commercial projects of any size.  We are prepared to service any problem that you may have 24/7. Don’t get stuck in the cold or sweating in the heat, call A+ today!

We service & install the following:

  • steam radiators

  • gas heating

  • oil heating

  • forced air

  • hot water heater

  • boilers

  • air conditioning

  • Central Air

  • air purifiers

  • stove ventilation hoods

  • ventilation

If you are interested in our heating, cooling and ventilation services in Merrimack, NH please contact Erik Kauppila at 603 518 5777 or e-mail us at