Low water pressure is frustrating. There aren’t many things worse than an unenjoyable shower. When the water pressure is low in your home, showers are no fun. Low water pressure can be attributed to a couple of reasons. Here is what to do and look for when you experience low water pressure.

1.The Main Valve

Everyone should know where the main valve in there home is. When you notice your water pressure is finicky, take a look at the main shut-off valve. To find the main valve, look for a pipe with a handle. If the handle is not twisted all the way or leveled with the pipe, this could be affecting your water pressure.

2. Check Your Hot Water Heater

Checking your hot water heater is a good idea when you are experiencing low water pressure. Poor maintenance inside your hot water heater can be causing a slowdown in your water pressure. Buildup can occur over time and needs to be taken care of. If the shutoff valve is not completely open or has been tweaked, this could be a reason your are dealing with poor water pressure. If you are not comfortable managing your hot water heater, do not be afraid to contact a professional.

3. Check Your Water Pressure Regulator

Not every home has a water pressure regulator, but if yours does, it could be the issue. A water pressure regulator helps maintain a steady level of water you turn on the faucet or shower. If your regulator is defective or broken, it can hamper quality water pressure. If you realize something is wrong with your water pressure regulator, reach out to a plumber.

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