While we are cruising through this new year, it doesn’t mean that we’re safe from winter hazards. For NH residents, the chances of frozen pipes are still high. A+ Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has a few tips for thawing your frozen pipes and how you can prevent this from happening again.

How Cold Does It Have to Be to Freeze Your Pipes?

For an ice dam to form, it must be below freezing inside of your pipes. The “temperature alert threshold” is 20 degrees F. Pipes that will freeze at this point are typically in a basement, crawlspace, unconditioned attic or along an exterior wall. If you have any underground pipes, these are also at risk to freeze.

Thawing Frozen Pipes

One of the main giveaways that your pipes are frozen is if you turn a faucet on and no water comes out. The solution that you’ll use to thaw the pipes out will depend on where the ice is located.

For pipes that are exposed, keep the faucet open as you work so you can relieve some of the built-up pressure. You’ll want to make sure your main water supply is turned off in the event that a pipe bursts. This also helps to avoid a watery mess as the ice melts. With some sort of heating device, heat the pipes starting from the faucet down to the frozen area.

Pipes that are located behind a wall, the easiest solution is to turn up your thermostat and just wait. For extreme situations, you can cut a hole in the wall and continue to use regular thawing methods to the exposed pipes.

Prevent Frozen Pipes in the Future

Any homeowner that has had frozen pipes before understands you never want them again! To prevent frozen pipes in the future, here are a few methods:

  • Before the winter, disconnect your garden hoses from outdoor faucets and schedule your sprinkler system to be blown out.
  • Let warm air to circulate around pipes in your cabinets under the sink.
  • Regardless if you’re out of town or not, keep your thermostat higher than 55 degrees.
  • For any pipes that are exposed on external walls, be sure to insulate them.

If these methods don’t work and you’re still in need of assistance, contact the experts at A+ Plumbing, Heating & Cooling! Our experienced plumbers are happy to come out and repair any pipes that have burst. To schedule our plumbing services, contact us at (603) 518-5777 or by filling out our online form.