There is nothing like a comfortable and cool home on a hot summer day, but it always comes at a cost. In the Summer, utility bills are often significantly higher than any other time in the year. Since we all often use our A.C systems extensively in the summer months, why not make the most of it? The best way to maximize your air conditioning unit in the summertime is to set it on the ideal A.C temperature. So what is the “ideal” A.C temperature in the Summer and why?

What is the Magic Number?

In a recent study and poll, it was determined that the best temperature for your A.C in the summertime is between 75 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Between 75 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit was determined due to those temperatures providing a balance of comfort and lower costs. The next time you are relaxing at home on a hot summer day set your A.C thermostat to one of the numbers suggested and enjoy away.

Do the same numbers apply when I am trying to Sleep?

Anywhere between 75 degrees to 78 degrees Fahrenheit for your A.C temperature is ideal during the daytime and when you are doing things around your home. When you are trying to sleep, the ideal temperature to set your A.C to would be about 10 degrees lower than what is suggested above. For some 75 to 78 degrees might be too warm a climate to sleep in, especially in the summer. Recent studies have shown the ideal sleep temperature using your A.C is around the mid-60s to high-60 mark.

What should the thermostat be set to when I am not home?

While it may seem that it is a smarter play to turn the A.C off when you are not around, setting the A.C about 10 degrees higher than what you have it set to when you are home is beneficial. Turning off the A.C entire might cost you more money in the long run so to decrease costs, increase the temperature of your home before you leave. When you come back, adjust the thermostat back down to whatever comforts you. Doing this each time is more energy and cost-efficient regarding your A.C.

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With Summer officially starting a week from today, is your air conditioning system good to go? Double-check your air conditioning unit and provide the necessary maintenance before summer kicks off. If you notice your air conditioning system needs a service or a repair, let our professionals tackle the issue for you! Just contact us to get started today!