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Increase the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioning System with These Tips

As one of the largest utility expenses in a home and with these tips, you’ll be able to increase the efficiency of your system and decrease your monthly HVAC expenses.
Change the Filter
A dirty air filter can block airflow and can cause it to run harder and longer than necessary, causing it to be less efficient. […]

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How to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Summer

The snow is melting, the trees are growing, and it’s almost time to put away the heavy winter jackets because it’s about to warm up. Before you even know it, summer would have already arrived. Time to break out your sleeveless tops, shorts, and those cool shades. The summer heat can be grueling and there’s […]

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How to Prevent Your Air Conditioning Unit from Overheating

We might be nearing the end of summer, but these last few weeks of warm temperatures are sure to be hot ones and the last thing you want to come home to after a long day is to an air conditioning system that isn’t working. If your air conditioning system hasn’t been showing any troublesome […]

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