The snow is melting, the trees are growing, and it’s almost time to put away the heavy winter jackets because it’s about to warm up. Before you even know it, summer would have already arrived. Time to break out your sleeveless tops, shorts, and those cool shades. The summer heat can be grueling and there’s no better way to escape the heat by turning on the air conditioning unit that has been dormant since winter. But before you do that, there are a few items regarding air conditioning maintenance that you should check. Here are a list of some common methods of maintenance you should do before turning on your air conditioner for the summer.

Checking under the hood

Preventative maintenance is very important, especially in making sure that your air conditioning unit is running properly before powering it on for summer. Make sure the thermostat and breaker for the air conditioning unit is turned off before any preventative maintenance work is done.

Cleaning or changing the filters

It is highly recommend to cleaning and replacing the filters every few months because any type clogging would result in restricted airflow. During winter months this could cause the coils to freeze and potentially damage the unit. Restricted airflow also makes the air conditioning unit run harder and longer, thus increasing your electric bill usage.

Checking the ductwork

Inspect to see all seals are intact and make sure there are no holes in the ductwork. Check for signs of debris, hair, bad odor, and mold. It is highly recommended to seek professional help in cleaning the ductwork.

Cleaning and inspecting the condenser coils

Any type of buildup in the air conditioning condenser coils could restrict the airflow and result in the transfer of heat, which would limit the overall air conditioning performance and cause other issues. Check for debris of any type including leaves, grass, and plants. Use a soft cloth or a can of low pressured air.

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