Summer is upon us and along with summer comes heat & humidity that rivals the hottest parts of the country, even in New Hampshire & Massachusetts. There are a few steps you can take to ensure that you stay cool while not overspending.

If you have not installed central air or you do not have a room ac unit, they are a cost effective way to stay cool. The major difference between the two are that AC room units can be plugged into any wall plug and cools small spaces.Central air cools the entire house, but requires installation involving a technician and sometimes a contractor.

To keep them cost effective you need to make sure that the ac unit(s) installed are in good condition.Here are some things to look for that will tell you if you need a new ac unit or something is wrong with your central air. If your air conditioner is over 6 years old and or has needed multiple repairs, you probably need to look into getting a new ac unit or have a technician rewire your central air. If your air conditioner is running all day long and the room is not getting as cool as it should. If your AC turns on and off when it should not be.

Finally, check the bill for your other utilities, if they are unusually high and your house is still not cool enough than it is most likely due to an old or broken ac unit or the central air was installed improperly. If you have central air and any of the above have happened to you than make sure whoever the technician and contractor that come to fix the unit, are certified for all installs. One way to prevent any of these major problems from happening is to check your AC units or central air system at least once or twice a year, that way you can catch one of these problems in the early stages and the solution will be much less expensive.