Money saving tips for cooling your home in New Hampshire this summer

Cooling your home is expensive. With summer approaching we put together some tips to save you money and increase the efficiency of your air conditioner.  As you’re taking your old units our of storage and dusting them off for installation, stop and take these simple steps to get more and pay less.

1. Clean your AC filters every month

Dirty filters make your unit work harder and they kill your AC’s efficiency. Check to see if your unit has a washable filter or not. For reusable filter, wash it out once a month. For disposable AC filters, we recommend installing a fresh filter every month for both central and window units.
When purchasing new filters, find a balance between your air-quality concerns and your energy costs. Higher quality filtration requires more energy to pull air through the filter. Compare the filter’s minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV). This ranges from 1-12 for home AC units. The higher the number, the cleaner your air – but – it might increase your energy bill.

2. Fix air leaks to keep the cool air where it needs to be

Window AC Units are hard to seal properly, especially when installing it yourself. Check for air leaks and fill and seal as many gaps as you can. For window units, you can stuff foam between your AC unit and the window frame. For central air conditioning units check for air leaks on the duct work and use foil tape to seal the ducts.

3. Set your air conditioner on a timer

Install a programmable thermostat that allows you to turn down the AC during the day when you’re at work or out of the house, and then turn back up when you’re at home. Check your unit -most new air conditioning units have built in timers and thermostats. If your unit is old, or doesn’t have one, you can buy one at any home store for under $25. With a timer, you can leave the whole system on all the time because it regulates itself. You should only turn the system off if you’re going on vacation.

4. Don’t make it work it so hard

By combining efforts with your AC system, you can easily extend its life. Lower the blinds or shades during the day to keep the hot sun out. Invest in energy saving blinds or awnings to shield from intense sun. Use your ceiling fans to circulate the cool air.

5. Yearly professional maintenance

Get your Air conditioner cleaned yearly by a HVAC professional like A+ Heating & Air. Professional cleanings do more than just clean the filters. Get your unit checked before the summer heat sets in. Professionals will clean and inspect the coils and filters, adjust and replace fan belts, check blowers and fans, inspect and maintain motors and safety controls, and check the refrigerant, pressures as well as verify operating temperatures

And of course, if your unit is old or outdated, we highly recommend making and update or upgrade. Due to federal laws, AC units are now made to be more efficient than they were even 10 years ago. Make sure your unit is up to or above the SEER (Seasonal energy efficiency ratio) or EER (energy efficiency ratio) standards. Units with higher ratings will cost less to operate. At A+ Heating & Air we offer professional installation, repair, and maintenance for any window unit or central cooling system in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We service all brands, makes and models of air conditioners, even if we didn’t install it originally. For more information on our HVAC seasonal services please contact us at 603 518 5777