benefits of a ductless mini splitStaying cool during the hot summer months is crucial to stay comfortable in your own home. Old air conditioning units can run inefficiently, leaving you hot and your energy bills high and not having air conditioning at all is another miserable story. What was once known as the last resort to stay cool, ductless mini-splits are now becoming the preferred choice by homeowners to keep their space cool and comfortable all year long.

Offer Flexible Options

Ductless mini-splits are comprised of one outdoor unit and several indoor units, making it possible to install the indoor units into any room in your house. Utilized for both air conditioning and heating, ductless mini-splits are a cost-effective way to be comfortable in your home all year round. Each of the units in your home can be ran independently, which means you no longer have to run the air in the rooms that are empty, saving you money!

Quick & Easy to Install

Just like the name, ductless mini-splits do not need ductwork in order to run properly, which makes them very quick and easy to install. If no major issues arise during the installation process, your ductless mini-split can be installed in as little as one day!

Decreases Your Carbon Footprint

As they meet the ENERGY STAR guidelines, ductless mini-splits are more efficient than the options that only abide by the guidelines put in place by the United States federal government. With chemistry advances, they are more environmentally friendly than other options, run more efficiently, save you money and decrease your carbon footprint!

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