For New England homeowners, you are constantly relying on your home’s plumbing for everyday tasks. However, regular use of water can create small and large issues. Whether you live in an older or a new home, both are susceptible to certain issues. If you need to identify and solve an issue, your best solution is to contact your local plumber, A+ Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.

Weak water pressure is a very common issue for homes throughout New England. Water pressure is the outcome of the force with which water moves through your home’s pipes. If the water isn’t able to move easily, the pressure is lessened and your appliances will suffer the consequence.

In older homes, there is usually a buildup of mineral inside pipes that can lead to poor water pressure. This can decrease the available volume of pipes, causing decay and leaks. These leaks are what cause the loss of water connecting your tap and water main. To resolve this buildup, clean out any affected pipes with pressurized water. Pipes with leaks can be repaired by being patched up or replacing any damaged parts. If your plumber discovers that you have a general pipe issue from age or hard water, he might suggest re-piping the whole home.

As we all know, our winter temperatures can fall below freezing, causing our pipes to freeze. This can occur when they’re not in constant use, typically overnight or when people are away on vacation. Frozen pipes are at danger of bursting since water expands when it is frozen. Burst pipes can cause severe flooding and interrupt the function of any appliances that need water. If you experience a frozen or burst pipe, it’s important to contact your local plumber right away.

Whether it’s a frozen pipe or poor water pressure, A+ Plumbing, Heating & Cooling are ready to assist. One of our skilled plumbers will come and assess the situation and provide you with the appropriate solution. Contact us today at 603-518-5777 or by filling out our contact form to request a free estimate.