hvac technicianAnytime you are tackling any home renovation projects, it’s important to be hiring an individual that is certified in the field that you are hiring them for. With so many options out there, especially when it comes to HVAC, hiring a professional versus someone who is self-taught is crucial. Before hiring the HVAC technician with the lowest rate, consider these reasons for hiring a certified HVAC technician first.


In order to become a certified HVAC technician, there is extensive training to prepare them for various situations that might arise on the job as well as being able to make the necessary repairs and installations to ensure your system is running properly. If an individual is self-taught in HVAC, they might start a project and not know how to proceed further.

HVAC technician education covers different systems, tools, and problems in addition to techniques to troubleshoot problems.

Training & Experience

After becoming a certified HVAC technician, the individual will spend hours working with a mentor. The learning doesn’t stop once their certification is complete! Having on-the-job experience allows HVAC technicians to further refine their skills and knowledge before working on their own.

Customer Service

During HVAC education, HVAC technicians undergo customer service training in order to best equip them with the knowledge they need to give you the best service possible. This means you’re getting the best service at a fair price, that is performed quickly and efficiently.


When you hire a certified HVAC technician, you can feel confident that you’re working with someone that is properly trained in HVAC and that the time and money you’re investing is going to good use. Our HVAC tech’s at A+ Plumbing, Heating & Cooling are highly educated, certified, and can answer any questions you might have!

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