With fall here, the time to turn your heat on is right around the corner. To make sure your heat is ready when you need it, you’ll want to make sure your heating system is working properly. Keep the following warning signs in mind once you turn your heat on.

  • Typically, your heating system will make the familiar hums or pings, but if you find that they’re more constant or louder, there could be an underlying issue.
  • If you notice your pilot light on your gas heating system is yellow, this is an indication of a poor air/gas mixture. This issue will be inefficient once the time comes to heat your home and may also mean there are other problems.
  • Any increase in heating costs that doesn’t match an increase in your provider’s rates could indicate an issue. Keep track of the oil or gas usage of your system and make a note of any increases.
  • If you turn up the dial for your heat and notice some rooms aren’t warming up, there’s an issue. It could be anything from the burner or the delivery systems (your pipes, radiators, ducts, etc.) By hiring a professional, they can perform an inspection, locate and rectify the problem.

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