The cold winter weather is fast approaching and keeping your family warm and comfortable is most likely one of your top priorities. When you purchased your home, you probably haven’t thought twice about your heating system (much less, converting it) unless your system is failing. As gas heating systems are becoming increasingly popular, many homeowners are making the decision to convert from oil to gas heating. If you’re one of the 8% of homeowners that still has an oil heating system, it’s time to consider making the switch!

The Costs of Converting

Depending on what you need installed and any issues that come upon during the installation process, converting from oil to gas heating can have initial costs ranging from $3,500 to $10,000. It’s a huge investment and the cost alone is typically what scares away many homeowners but keep in mind that over time, you’ll be saving more money with a gas heating system versus oil. Always do your research before making the decision to convert and look out for incentives. Some gas companies will offer incentives such as paying for a portion of the conversion cost to entice homeowners to convert.

Benefits of Converting

The main benefits homeowners convert their heating system from gas to oil are lower costs and convenience. With a gas heating system, the heating source (gas) is pumped directly into your home whereas with oil, when it gets low you have to schedule an appointment to have more delivered. This means with a gas heating system, there is no downtime, delivery fees, or time wasted. Gas is also more eco-friendly than oil and pushes fewer pollutants in the air.

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