dehumidifierHave you noticed high humidity levels in your home recently? With the help of a dehumidifier you can cleanse the air of excess moisture, prevent mold (and other bacteria and particles) from growing, and maintain a comfortable humidity level. If you’re wondering whether or not you need a dehumidifier and what you should be looking for when purchasing one, this guide will help!

You need a dehumidifier if:

  • A room feels uncomfortably stuffy
  • You’ve noticed condensation on the windows
  • Excessive moisture is present
  • Mold is visible or you’ve noticed musty odors
  • Condensation or wet stains on the walls or ceilings

Benefits of a Dehumidifier

Adding a dehumidifier to your home or business has several benefits, including:

  • Reduced humidity levels, making your home less optimal for allergens such as dust mites, mold, and mildew
  • Help reduce musty or rotting smells associated with mild and mildew
  • Reduce the possibility for mold growth in your home or business
  • Help reduce skin and respiratory irritations to help yReasons Why You Need a Dehumidifier in Your Homeou breathe easier
  • A dehumidifier reduces dust in the home, which helps with allergies
  • Helps lower energy costs by helping your air conditioning system to run more efficiently

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Dehumidifier

So, you’ve decided to purchase a dehumidifier for your home or business. Before you head to the store or place an order, here are things you need to keep in mind.

Room Size

There are several different size dehumidifiers that have various pint capacities and reservoir sizes. Purchasing the right size for the room your dehumidifier is in will make all the difference.

  • Small Rooms: A dehumidifier with a capacity of 25-40 pints is ideal for a smaller room, such as a bathroom or laundry room
  • Mid-Size Rooms: A dehumidifier with a capacity of 40-59 pints is ideal for mid-size rooms, such as a bedroom or a room with excessive moisture
  • Large Rooms: A dehumidifier with a capacity of 60+ pints is ideal for large rooms, such as living rooms or open living spaces
  • Basements, Garages & Crawlspaces: A dehumidifier with a capacity of 60+ pints is ideal for basements, garages, and crawlspaces but there are also units that are designed specifically for these space and we recommend using these if possible

Energy Efficiency

A dehumidifier with an Energy Star rating will ensure it will run in an energy-conscious matter to help you save energy and help you cut down on utility costs.

Automatic Shut-Off

Dehumidifiers that have automatic shut-off utilize an intelligent software to monitor the climate around the unit. Once the ideal humidity level is reached, the unit will shut down. This will ensure the unit is running to the best of it’s ability while saving you time and energy.