With winter winding down, we are starting to see the flu floating around and if it’s already made its way to your home, having a HVAC unit is a good way to fight it. If you run your HVAC unit regularly, there is a filter that will catch the flu particles and help prevent family members from getting it. Check out some other ways to help prevent the flu!

  1. One of the best ways to avoid the flu is by washing your hands regularly. Make sure to wash them after using the restroom, touching your face or sneezing. By washing your hands, you are killing germs and bacteria and preventing the flu virus from spreading around.
  2. A good way to spread the flu around is by coughing or sneezing so make sure you cover your mouth, followed by washing your hands! A sneeze has the potential to spread germs up to four feet in a room.
  3. Make sure you are changing your HVAC’s air filter pretty regularly. The filter will catch any bad particles in the air so you want to make sure that it’s clean. You should be changing your air filter every one-three months.

Ensure that your HVAC unit is running properly by scheduling any maintenance it may need. If you’re unsure, contact A+ Plumbing, Heating & Cooling at 603-518-5777.