A flushed toilet not going down the right way is not uncommon in our society. Lets face it, we have all experienced it and know exactly what it sounds like. While this is a common problem for everyone everywhere, here are the top causes and how to fix them.

Too Much Toilet Paper

Excessive toilet paper is one of the most common, if not the most common reason a toilet gets clogged or does not flush properly. Always use common sense when you take apart pieces of toilet paper. If by chance you deposit too much toilet paper in the toilet, there are multiple solutions. A toilet plunger can take care of this issue and you should always have a toilet plunger handy. Use the plunger to push through the clog and the blockage should stop.

Flushing things that Should Never Be Flushed

Another common problem with toilets getting clogged or backed up is due to items that should never thrown into a toilet in the first place. Items that are commonly thrown into a toilet that should not are: napkins, paper towels, and medication pills. Discard of those items in a trash can or barrel instead. Just remember to put toilet paper and only toilet paper into a toilet and you will be all set. If you use wipes, make sure the wipes you used are considered “flushable wipes”. Putting wipes that are not deemed flushable can lead to a clogged toilet.

Water Level Is Not Leveled

Water level in the toilets tank being too low can cause a backup. If this is a problem your water valve might have been switched off and it needs to be filled back up to the right level. Flush the toilet to check after you leveled the tank just to make sure it is working properly again.

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